Sunday, August 3, 2008


Australia has lots of talented unknown musicians and artists, writing and playing music in their bedrooms or in the garage.. Some are dreaming of a music future.

This site is devoted to helping them to promote themselves.
The ABC TripleJ radio station allocate a whole month to promoting Aussie music (OZ music) in November each year, and some lucky musos are invited to take part.

This site aims to hep young musos to learn how to promote and market themselves , and how to set up their own business.

Right now we are in the throes of design and setup.

Bear with us, and we will deliver.
meanwhile you can go to our other sites and blogs to learn more. We teach about many subjects and our pages are full of free files. and may not appear to hide some excellent artists and musicians, but they do!

This blog is about the music and artisitc side of our creative people.

One of our "family of musos" has a master of performance, has written history of music Uni level course and provided it free for others on wikipedia.
Others are singers, graphic artists, budding guitarists, trumpeter, pianists, drummers,
and excellent photographers.

One of our musos is Sean and his music name is "Obscura".
you can say hi to Sean at

I think we need to examine what 's in a name?
Does normal marketing thinking apply to bands and musicians?

Next post we will discuss this further. After all, you don't want to sink into obscurity, do you?

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Mia Mossberg78 said...


HipHop recording sensation Provy Suflayy released his first single off his upcoming album!!

'A Star Burnin Brite' features New Zealand's " best kept secret" Kiwi artist Rachel Schryvers.

Go buy now on iTunes and other fine online retailers.

Check out the music video now on youtube!!